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Below you will find testimonials from

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   - Jonathan & Jacqueline - Toronto, ON. 

My wife and I found Mr. Ortino by chance while searching online.  We were ready to pick a Real Estate Agent as our property just sold and to be honest we were about to sign not with David but with one of the dozens of other agents we already vetted.  My wife and I are very picky house hunters with a small budget, modest incomes and ask tons of questions.  We thought we had already picked the right agent, honest and friendly but able to do whatever it takes to fight for us as their client.

In the brief time David introduced himself he brought up things no one else mentioned regarding market, location, the way he works and his 15 years experience in Real Estate and construction that made us more confident in him.   The others were very kind and accommodating quickly taking us to houses yet could not tell the difference between laminate and solid wood flooring.  None of them had the all around experience and knowledge as David.  He confidently commented on houses from foundation to roof, and if there were renovations to be considered he could estimate accurately and qualify his advice.

David was the one who took us out to the houses not less experiences staff.  In a short time he knew exactly what style and location of home we were interested in and did not waste a minute of your time.  When we told him a price range he stuck to it, not the cases with almost all other agents as they tried to push their opinions or higher options on us, David listened and delivered.  When we found flaws in an area or house he got the message and got us the hell out of there, when every other agent seemed to have their own agenda we felt David was working for us.  When we found the right place, he did rush, gave us time to confirm and in the end also got us the right price, negotiated for days, getting 60K off asking, down to what we could afford.

He never pressured us, but advised and reminded on any and all aspects of the process making us feel safe and secure in such a major purchase.  He has been there from start to finish and beyond, still helping us, even advising on furnishing, renovation options and schools. 

You were very astute regarding what areas needed to be updated in our place BTW.   You knew exactly what was outdated. I am sure if we did the reno you suggested it would add over 100k to our resale value, more than doubling what we put into it, 

If you can find the funding you should be flipping houses. You have the knowledge of a broker & eye of a contractor.  You steered us so well to find this place and we owe you more than your percentage you received. We can tell you love what you do and care about your clients.  We have nothing but praise for David. You guided a family into their future, their neighborhood, into the place they call "home", thanks again David.  Jonathan & family




   - Ann Marie & Gregory - Richmond Hill, ON
On the advice of a trusted family member, we recently invited David Ortino to meet with us to discuss possibly selling our home. We then chose him [from amongst others] to sell our Richmond Hill home for us, after 31 years of ownership.  David quickly grasped what it was we wanted and expected in a real estate agent and what we expected as a price for our home. He offered his opinion and input, and respectfully listened to what we had to say, and to our reasoning.  Perhaps what allowed him to grasp our expectations and needs so quickly was his graduate business-school education/training, or his innate ability to listen and retain and analyse many pieces of information at the same time.  Whatever it is, David is a results-driven person and David gets results. He delivers….!  Period.  He is very much a pro-active person, working "for us,” and not waiting for others to bring prospective buyers "to us."  The image I would pass along is of David out there beating the bushes for prospective buyers to emerge, or knocking the trunks of the right trees so that the apples all fell into our lap.  While others said our asking price was too high, David explained to others why the price was fair, and point by point he de-constructed their arguments. He compared and contrasted, and he showed why we were priced where we should be, vis a vis other homes in the area. He used his connections to find qualified buyers, and as a result within days of listing we had offers to consider, and we sold above our “true” asking price [as some would refer to it]. We really felt David was on our side.  He is a professional and an excellent negotiator, in the truest sense of those words. And he is diplomatic, which helps when dealing with one of us...!  We have recommended and will recommend David Ortino to family and friends [and to anyone else] who might be looking for a real estate agent with the right skill-sets and experience and who can get the job done, properly and quickly.  I am quite comfortable to suggest to anyone thinking of selling their home, whether now or perhaps down the road, that they have a preliminary exploratory chat with David and sound him out, get a feel for his technique, and let him get to understand them and their needs. It will be time well spent.  Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that David accomplished the preparation of our listing and the sale of our house in under a week, at first while preparing for an out-of-town family vacation and then while being on that family vacation. His virtual office follows him everywhere….
- Daniel - Toronto, ON. - 

As my realtor of choice, David once again demonstrated his knowledge, candid approach, and professionalism in navigating me through the selling process.  He provided excellent service from start to finish and, ultimately and most importantly, delivered a great result...a result other top agents in the area told me I would never achieve.  Were they ever wrong!  If you need to sell your home for top dollar David is the person you want to deal with - I felt like I was his only client during the sale process - unlike other top realtors with their mega teams. Not only did he provide expert advice in preparing my home for sale, including staging and small repairs, his unsurpassed negotiating skills generated enough offers to bring me the right buyer for my unique home.


- Franco Vizeacoumar- PhD, Etobicoke, ON. -

Our family chose David Ortino to sell our beautiful home. At the outset, we would like to thank David for the outstanding service he offered us in successfully selling our home in the best price we could imagine. Right from the beginning he was very patient in listening to all our concerns and needs and offered us with lots of expert suggestions. We found him very informative and reasonable during his presentation. David was loyal to both us and to his profession taking utmost care of our needs & comfort as well within the time frame we asked him. We would have to say he is the best realtor that we have met so far with integrity, honesty, professionalism and excellent negotiating skills. He brought the right people to view the property rather than just having anyone coome in. His connections brought a lot of traffic and several offers that we could choose from. I would strongly recomend him to any family, friends and co-workers looking for a strong realtor with great credentials. He gets the job done!



- Richard & Kathleen- Toronto, ON. -

"I've owned rental properties, watched numerous home renovation and real estate programs. Despite what might be a well informed background I found house hunting with David Ortino to be an informative process. He was direct, honest and helpful at all times. He talked me out of one property by pointing out that as my new daughter grew the house would not be suitable. I asked him why he was trying to talk me out of a sale and he replied, “I don't want customers, I want satisfied, repeat customers.” David was right in that circumstance and he helped us find another place, which is twice the house at just over the same price. If you are looking for a professional with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to get you the best deal possible my wife and I recommend David Ortino, the Simon Cowell of real estate."



- Steve Martin- Victoria Harbour, ON. -

"I live in Victoria Harbour which is a small town of about 3000 people just 10 km from Midland. I had my house on the market a couple of years ago for a period of 1 year with a real estate company in the area. An offer came in, pending the sale of their home which finally did not go through. I then decided to take it off the market for 2 years. Last fall I once again decided to put the house on the market for a period of 6 months with another company in the area. During that time I had a couple of showings and no offers. I then decided to go with Re/Max in the Toronto area and hired David Ortino as my real estate agent. He came with great credentials and an excellent track record of selling homes. I consider him to be very professional, honest, trustworthy and very experienced. Right from the beginning, he kept us informed of what was happening and provided us with some feedback.  If anyone is looking for a great professional real estate person that you can depend on to sell your home, David Ortino is the person to list with. I had listed my house with David Ortino in early June and within 3 weeks the house was sold.  I had immediate activity and Dave negotiated the best price for me. I would recommend David Ortino to my family, friends and to anyone who wants a great real estate agent that will deliver.  Thanks David for a job well done."


- Chris & Luisa- Bolton, ON. -

"We wanted to write a letter thanking David Ortino for all of his efforts and amazing success in the recent sale of our home in Bolton. Approximately a year prior to listing with David we had been utilizing another agent/agency. Our home was listed for 8 months (with over 40 showings and multiple open house’s)  with two price cuts, and only one offer (below asking)  which ended up falling through. Needless to say we were greatly disappointed. After monitoring the market we elected to again list our home.  This time we made the right decision by listing with David.  We listed with David on a Thursday and he sold our home the following Monday for $40,000.00 over asking price!   We were thrilled and frankly, amazed at David’s negotiating skills and pure professionalism. From the moment David put his sign on our lawn until he finished the deal by securing our new home, he exceeded our expectations. David brings great credit upon himself and Re/Max.”


- Kenneth & Marie-Claire- Toronto, ON. -

 “It is a rare opportunity to work with someone who is both knowledgeable in their craft and a professional in the way they conduct their business. David met and exceeded our expectations in both categories. In a field that has many who simply want to get the listing agreement and let MLS do their work, it was both refreshing and enjoyable to work with someone who actually practiced their craft and at a very, very high level.”


- Todd & Rachel- Mississauga, ON. -

 “The effort put into the research phase which underpinned the market analysis and selling strategy was not only "on target" but it was 21st century oriented. The use of the Internet, virtual tour technology, web sites for communication and status, etcetera was a far different and more successful approach than the "open house" mindset we had previously experienced without success. As testimony to the effectiveness of the research, the listing price and the selling price for our home were within approximately 1 percent of each other.”


- Irene & David Etobicoke, ON. - 

Thanks David for your professional handling of the demands of the buyer during the closing process It allowed us to preserve our "peace of mind" and insure that the deal reached a satisfactory conclusion for all parties in the agreed to timeframe. Should we ever have need of a true Real Estate professional again, we would without hesitation be seeking your professional services and assistance!”


- Tom & Holly- Richmond Hill, ON. -

“Throughout our dealings with David we found him to be gentlemanly, honest, open and sincere.  He has become not only a trusted real estate advisor, but also a friend.  We highly recommend David to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.”


- Jack & Marlene- Mississauga, ON. -

“David understands and appreciates the GTA better than any other real estate agent we met. He is honest and cares about his clients. He helped us find the best house that fits our specifications and we are really appreciative of his help and knowledge.”


- Lucy & Cameron- Brampton, ON -

 “We found David to be unique among real estate pros. First, he applied no pressure whatever to us at any time. We purchased the house of our dreams the same day David started showing us properties.”


- Tracy & Art- Bolton, ON. -

 “We all too often stop to complain when something doesn't go right and do not acknowledge those service events that were truly exceptional.  The service and professionalism that David provided us was indeed exceptional and must be acknowledged.”


- Tim & Louise- Vaughan, ON. -

“After searching the market with other agents and getting nowhere, my friend recommended we meet and work with David Ortino. After meeting him we felt comfortable with his direct approach/openness to the relationship. He has a good ear for understanding what you want and he is relentless at achieving more than he promises his client. We would like to thank Tina, our friend for recommending David and would just like to say that we will recommend David without reservation. Thanks!”


- Michelle- Toronto, ON. -

“I am writing to express my appreciation of David Ortino in connection with my relocation to Toronto. David was knowledgeable of the various communities/suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area. David provided me with a clearer picture as to where I wanted to relocate. His patience and understanding of the market dynamics allowed me to purchase a condo in downtown Toronto that fit my budget and needs. Thanks for all your hard work.”


- Peter & Elizabeth- Mississauga, ON. -

“David has proved himself over and over again with his keen eye for real estate and his patient ear to listen to his clients needs. It was a whole year after we first spoke that I finally bit the bullet and purchased a condo he had emailed me sight unseen, only based on my faith in David's judgment. The condo turned out to be a gem.  Since then I have purchased several other properties through David.”


- Tina & Jim- Streetsville, ON. -

“I would like to commend David Ortino for his expertise and advice during our search for a home in Toronto. Once we determined our requirements as to the location and type of property we were looking for, David provided us with an impressive selection of listings to review.  Because we live out of province, his knowledge of the market was invaluable to us when it came time to making a final decision.”


- Helen & Frank- Markham, ON. -

 “David's support didn't stop at the closing. He continued to assist us with details after the deal was finalized, going above and beyond to make the entire process as painless as possible for us.  We are thrilled with our purchase and would recommend David to anyone looking to buy or sell property.”


- Dr. McIntyre- Toronto, ON. -

“I listed with David and I sold my home for over the asking price. At the time I chose to sell my home, another house down the street was listed with a top local realtor. Although the home down the street was in better condition and on a larger frontage lot, it sold for less than my own. David’s strong marketing and negotiating skills got me over asking. I would encourage anyone looking to sell their home to give David a call, especially if you are looking for results like mine”